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I have been working on a series of posters. Interpretations of the sickness and apathy towards social liberties that I have been witnessing lately… I began by researching ancient symboles of power and mysticism from many different cultures. I then peppered these symboles and truths into the posters and posted them up around the city. Here is a look at a few of the posters progression from inside to outside!

I’m working on a new project so I created a mood board to get me going! Finding images that help give a visual reference to what kind of mood I’m trying to evoke is where I like to begin. This helps me narrow things down and simplify a project. I love this part a lot! Read More

Great type combinations is an art, the beauty of typography has no borders. It can be overwhelming sometimes with all the choices, kinda like looking at an Applebees menu. While there are no absolute
rules applying some best practices will help make sure that you get good results. Read More

I’m in the mood to travel big time! I’ve been planning a trip to Australia for almost a year now. It’s getting closer and closer to the departure date which is in February. I hope to do a little mini trip beforehand, somewhere up north maybe like the Yukon, to experience the darkness. All I know is that I have itchy feet!